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Hello there!!!

Currently I am working on to estimate the actual ball position in a basketball long-shot sequence. I have the 2-D data, i.e. the (x, y) coordinates of the ball in the frames. I want to transform the 2-D data into 3-D real time position using camera calibration. The previous works on camera calibration uses the intersections of court lines as calibration points. In my work, I could not get the court-view as my camera is situated in the same plane as the player. So, I could not use the court intersection points for camera calibration. Is there any other way to determine the points whose positions are known in both the real-world and in the image for a basketball game? The backboard borders and lines can be used but in that I can only have 04 points where at least 06 points are required to calculate the 09 variables of the camera calibration matrix. Please help.


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